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Contents of the ABCT TEACHER TRAINING course

This course will accredit you to be an ABCT teacher

The ABCT Teacher Training course provides complete and exacting instruction that will provides revision and furthering of the theory and practical components of the programme in order to broaden skills of facilitating and guiding others.

Entry into this course requires you to have previously taken the "ABCT Basics" course, and its completion will qualify you to teach compassion and the programme in any desired setting.

Prerequisite: Completion of the ABCT Basics course and one year of subsequent individual practice.
Commitment to personal practice of mindfulness and/or compassion: Daily formal and informal practice (30 minutes per day minimum recommended formal practice).

Matricúlate en la 2ª Edición

Matricúlate en la segunda edición de Instructores que tendrá lugar los días 9 y 10 de febrero de 2024 en formato intensivo. En horario de 10:00 a 14:00 y 16:00 a 20:00.


Supervision of and maintaining certification as ABCT teacher.


Once the ABCT BASICS and ABCT TEACHER TRAINING courses have been completed, candidates will be supervised as follows:

-Teaching the ABCT Basics course (8 weeks) to a full group under supervision (face-to-face and online). Minimum 8 supervised hours.
- After supervision, the initial ABCT Teacher qualification will be presented.
- Minimum of 2 supervised sessions of 60-minute duration per year.


Commitment to continue training and carrying out compassion activities.

- Realizar un retiro anual o bienal de mindfulness o compasión (3-5 días - mayor parte en silencio)*
-Realización de 1 grupo/año como mínimo.
-Supervisión 2 horas/año con profesorado del Teacher Training o Masterclass anual para instructores/as.
- Compromiso para mantenerse al día de la evidencia científica en torno a compasión y con su desarrollo como profesor/a mediante la participación de actividades de formación continuada.
- Compromiso con la práctica personal formal e informal de Mindfulness y Compasión.
-Renovación anual de la certificación de Instructor/a

Nota: *Se podrán realizar y convalidar retiros de mindfulness y compasión organizados por distintas instituciones pero será requisito realizar un retiro de compasión ABCT con los formadores/instructores de ABCT cada dos años aproximadamente.

Aims and methodology


Learning the theory and practice of compassion
Experiencing compassion under supervision
Enhancing psychological well-being and reducing suffering
Certification as an ABCT teacher


Developing practical skills
Sharing experiences
Understanding the theory
Based on the attachment style model developed by the University of Zaragoza

Any doubts?


A team of experts in the field.

Led by Javier García Campayo, practising psychiatrist, psychotherapist and mindfulness specialist. The compassion therapy team is made up of teachers who are experts in the field. The teachers and tutors have been trained by mental health professionals with comprehensive training in mindfulness and compassion.

Scientific evidence

Find out how the results of the programme demonstrate that participants learn to connect with their internal resources to achieve different benefits for their well-being and mental and physical health.

These resources allow them to cope more effectively with situations that would previously cause distress and/or discomfort, and enable them to implement more adequate and positive strategies

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Some of the questions most frequently asked by our students.

What do I need to be able to do this course?

Once you have enrolled in any of the courses on offer, you will receive instructions to access the platform, where you will find a specific section with information about the course. In this section you will find the links to the synchronous (live) video conferencing sessions that you will be able to access on the given dates, and the materials for the session, both presentations and additional materials used.

To access the course, you will need a computer and an Internet connection. To facilitate the connection, we recommend you use an Ethernet cable or have your computer close to the router for a stronger WiFi signal.

When you access the session, we recommend you do so in a quiet place with as few interruptions or distractions as possible, with suitable lighting and a comfortable chair. If you feel the need, you can keep a meditation cushion on hand for use in the guided meditations and interchange it with the chair during the session.

Remember to check that your computer’s camera, speaker and microphone are working correctly before connecting to the live session. We recommend you keep your camera on throughout the session.

How long will I have to access the content?

From the time the course is held, you will have access to the platform that allows you to download and revise all the material from the different sessions. We will provide you with the presentations shown during the sessions and any complementary material that may be of use.

Because of the importance we place on live sessions, they will not be recorded for later viewing.

Does compassion meditation have any adverse effects?

Research has shown that certain unexpected effects may occur from time to time during the practice of meditation, such as dizziness, drowsiness, numbness of parts of the body (mainly legs and feet), physical pain, headache, heightened emotions and emotional distress.

These effects generally tend to be part of the practice of meditation and of learning how to meditate. At times they may be associated with specific aspects of posture or reveal the physical or emotional state of the person.

Should you experience any adverse or unexpected effects, we encourage you to contact the teacher of the course, who will advise and guide you through the process.

During the course, we will provide you with strategies that will allow you to cope with such experiences.

It is important to remember that these training courses have a psychoeducational design and are not meant to be psychological treatments or interventions.

Do I need to have experience in mindfulness or meditation to do this course?

There is no requirement for prior experience in mindfulness or meditation to do the ABCT Basics course. During the course, we will be providing you with all the tools your need to continue your learning process. You will find theory, practical material and resources to support your learning. You can also adjust the difficulty of your practices according to the point you have reached by adapting them to your current situation. As you gradually feel more prepared, you will be able to advance at a suitable pace.

In order to enrol in the ABCT Teacher Training course, the prerequisite is to have completed the ABCT Basics course and one year of subsequent individual practice.

What does each course qualify me to do?

The ABCT Basics course is aimed at any person interested in finding out about attachment-based compassion therapy so that it can be applied to their daily life and improve their well-being. In order to advance along the pathway to becoming a teacher, completion of this course is required.

The ABCT Teacher Training course is a complete and exacting training programme that qualifies you to become a teacher of attachment-based compassion therapy.