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Attachment-Based Compassion Therapy

This manual presents the self-applied version of Attachment-based compassion therapy (ABCT) that has been adapted and optimized for self-administration. It consists of 8 modules that include theory, guided meditations, exercises and tasks that allow the practice of compassion and self-compassion to be introduced and advanced. Among its aims are the promotion of a secure attachment style through kindness and understanding of your own and others’ suffering.


The practice of compassion is a psychological technique that is complementary to that of mindfulness, and it is recommended that they should be combined. This book explains the research into different setting and studies that demonstrate its effectiveness both for individuals suffering from depression, fibromyalgia and anxiety, and for healthy individuals.


Most of what has been published in Spanish on compassion comes from Buddhism or spiritual masters, so it should be noted that this text is a book on scientific and multidisciplinary dissemination of the techniques and lay programmes of compassion, especially for health and education professionals. The authors analyse and compare different models of compassion and put compassion therapy into perspective in relation to mindfulness.

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Scientific evidence

Find out how the results of the programme demonstrate that participants learn to connect with their internal resources to achieve different benefits for their well-being and mental and physical health.

These resources allow them to cope more effectively with situations that would previously cause distress and/or discomfort, and enable them to implement more adequate and positive strategies

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